Project: Heron Quill Press
Year: 2015
Deliverable: Branded Materials: Logo, Business Cards, Stationary, Signage, Photography, Book Design
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding

n 1802, Eliju Wing settled a 150-acre farm in Greenfield NY raising horses. Today, this historic farm, The Fossil Stone Vineyards, still stands as evidence of the hard work and persistence of our courageous forefathers. In the spirit of preservation, its current owners, Michael and Kelly Spiak still farm those very fields. Although horses still remain, a new crop has risen from the loamy soil, GRAPES! After years of traveling and visiting vineyards all over the world, Michael has discovered a passion for growing grapes. The inspiration for our name comes from stone turned from the fields containing fossils left behind by Blue Green Algae.

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